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Are you looking for a solution to sell in-store and chain stores to help you

The trend of online sales is a necessity for shop owners and supermarkets...

Fast and professional in-store sales

Automatic connection with freight units

Report revenue, profit and loss... automatically without using books.

Simple interface, easiest to use

Zubi POS tries to optimize, reduce unnecessary functions, Make stores easy to use, simplify operations. With intuitive software interface, full sales features


Simple and complete neat revenue and profit report. From there, shop owners can easily know which products are sold the most, which employees are the best sellers

Warehouse Management

Order and customer management

Quick invoice generation

You can easily create invoices quickly, easily manage invoices and customers

Integrated sales website

Zubi POS sales software, if you sell online, you can integrate a professional sales website, help you sell unlimited, sell everywhere.

Automatically share products to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

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Sales equipment & supplies

Barcode scanner: Manual or automatic scanning

Receipt printer: Automatic paper cutting. Print on thermal paper

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Sell ​​online and sell in store

To experience the most used online sales and management platform in the world

Benefits of using Zubi POS . software

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Integrated website

Website is integrated with POS, making it easy for customers to manage all orders in one place.

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Safe and secure

The system uses a server with 100% Cloud technology, the latest Web technology

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Dedicated support

As experts, the Technical Team is always online 24/7 to support you whenever you need it.