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Services and solutions Online advertising channel on the largest social network Facebook in Vietnam. Minimum cost, maximum efficiency

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Why should you advertise Facebook Ads at Zubi Cloud?

Target the right customers, increase maximum sales, Minimum cost, maximum efficiency

Target the right customers, at the right time

Cost optimization, effective and transparent budget control

85% of Vietnamese Internet users access Facebook ads

Facebook advertising solutions for shop owners and businesses

Increase fanpage likes

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Expand your reach, impact, and remember your product and brand names to more customers thanks to the spread of Facebook.

Increase FANPAGE interaction

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Increase the reach and credibility for each post. Customers who interact with your fanpage will then continue to follow and continue to interact with other posts or interact directly with the Fanpage.

Increase Website Access

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Improve order conversion rate. Customers going to Fanpage to view product information and visiting your website to learn more or access your other products will help improve order conversion rates.

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Help you make an effective Facebook ad campaign

Accurate consulting team

Cost optimization

Transparent information, regularly updated